Thuraya segmento terra

Segmento di Terra

Il segmento di terra è costituito da un Gateway primario e i Regional Gateways. Il Gateway primario è situato in Sharjah, UAE e controlla il network. Ulteriori Gateways potranno essere installati in caso di necessità. Il Gateway primario comprende la stazione di controllo satellitare e la Gateway Station.

Satellite Control:

  • SOC (Satellite Operations Center)
  • UBS: Uplink Beacon Station
  • SPCP: Satellite Payload Central Point
  • Gateway Station
  • GSS: Gateway Station Subsystem
  • NSS: Network Switching Subsystem
  • AOC: Advanced Operations Center
  • OSS: Operations Support Subsystem
  • Regional Gateways (RGW) in different countries within Thuraya Satellite Coverage Area
  • Multiple Gateway network provides diverse access to PSTN/PLMN
  • Regional Gateways operate independently
  • Centralized Billing, Customer Administration and Clearing House Services that minimise investment required by Service Providers and Gateway operators
  • The design of the regional gateways, which will be based upon that of the Primary Gateway, will provide the necessary interface with other Thuraya gateways (via satellite) and public terrestrial networks.
    Regional gateways will be set up to meet the specific requirements of the local markets.
  • Segment 1,750,000 expected subscribers
  • 13,750 Satellite Traffic Channels
  • One Primary Gateway (PGW)
  • Regional Gateways (RGW)
  • Segment Services:
  • Telecommunications Services:
  • Voice
  • Fax at 9.6 Kbps
  • Data at 9.6 Kbps
  • GSM Standard Supplementary Services:
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Barring
  • Calling Line Identification
  • Closed User Group, Multiparty
  • Call Waiting
  • Short Messages Service
  • SM Beam Broadcast
  • Value Added Services/ Intelligent Network Services:
  • Pre-paid SIM Card Services
  • Hot Billing Services
  • Free Phone Service
  • Premium Rate Service
  • IVR Services
  • Voice Mailbox Service
  • Thuraya Design Features:
  • Optimised Routing to provide most economic call routing
  • Single hop for UT-UT calls, anywhere in the coverage area
  • Thuraya Country Code: + 882 16 X….X
  • Accurate definition of country and Service Provider boundaries
  • Network Access and Call Tariff are based on caller terminal GPS position
  • Use of Common Air Interface: CAI is "open standard"
  • Strong Supplier Support:
  • HUGHES : Main contractor for design and installation of the system on turnkey basis
  • ERICSSON: Network switching subsystem supplier
  • LHS: Billing and Customer Care and Clearing House supplier
  • ALCATEL: Contractor for Intelligent Network & SMS/VMS Systems